Nottingham Friendly Society / Yorkshire Report

About Nottingham Friendly Society

Nottingham Friendly Society was one of the U.K's oldest trading friendly societies, founded in 1812.

What They Did

When they were first set up, their function was to provide financial support for members at times of need. Later, they became a modern financial services organisation, offering affordable and competitive savings and investment products.

But they preserved the traditions of its founders by providing a caring, personal service to its members.


As a member, you would have benefited in two ways:

  • You would receive excellent bonuses on your savings and investments, most of which were tax-free.
  • In addition, they had a unique additional benefits scheme, under which, members could claim £30 a year towards the cost of optical, dental and other medical expenses. Every year, the Society's Actuary recommended how much, if any, of the Society's surplus should be transferred to that fund. Policy holders became members and as such could claim up to £30 a year at the discretion of the Society. You could see this added up to a very attractive package.