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History of Nottingham Friendly Society

This is a history website about the Nottingham Friendly Society.

History of Nottingham Friendly Society


Nottingham Friendly Society was one of the U.K's oldest trading friendly societies, founded in 1812. They were a mutual organisation - owned by members.

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Consequently, they did not have to pay dividends to shareholders and they could use all their resources to improve benefits to members. Their products included Tax Free Savings plans for adults and children and Insurance ISA's.

Nottingham Friendly Society ("NFS") has been taken over by The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Manchester Unity Friendly Society, more usually known simply as "The Oddfellows".

The Nottingham Friendly Society (NFS) merged with the Oddfellows after the proposal won overwhelming backing from members in January 2010. The NFS board initiated merger talks last May when it decided that joining forces with a larger organisation would reduce costs and enhance the prospects of its members receiving significantly better investment returns.

The NFS office in West Bridgford, Nottingham has now closed, and any enquiries or service requests should be made through the Oddfellows' page.

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